We stand for close ties to our home region and genuine craftsmanship. That is why we collaborate only with the best and most inspiring organic producers. All of us together have the vision to create authentic products that set new quality standards – because they are handmade, animals and nature were taken into consideration for their production, they are natural and authentic, and they simply taste better.




It starts with the soil

Two square metres of soil

Those who ask questions have their feet firmly on the ground. In what kind of soil do the crops for our bread grow? We believe that producing authentic, natural products starts with the ground from which they originate. That’s why only organic will do for us and is fundamental to everything we do.

"Two square metres of soil" is only the beginning of something much bigger for us – because we keep our feet firmly in the field when it comes to organic food. We want to make a real difference with the quality of our bread and create a new kind of awareness about the way we work with nature.

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